Ruff & Whiskerz

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Besides being lightweight and realistic, Ruff & Whiskerz dog toys are safe and extremely durable. Our dog is 12 pounds of pure energy and it takes only a few hours before the eyes and stuffing are ripped out of most dog toys. That’s not the case with our Squirrel and Beaver from R&W. What’s also great about the Beaver is the Velcro underside that’s large enough for a 12oz plastic bottle which makes for hours of crunchy play time…it’s the one toy he wasn’t able to get the bottle out of right away!”

David E.
Buster & Zues
I just wanted to tell you that your plush toys were the first toys that my Boxers have not destroyed. They love to play with them and patiently wait their turn. The Beaver with the water bottle is their favorite! It helps develop eye-paw coordination while providing them with tons of fun. My Chihuahua is madly in love with the squeaking Rabbit. She stops whatever she is doing for a chance to chase and catch him. The toys hold up extremely well considering three dogs play roughly with them. They wash and wear well too. Thanks for making such fun and durable products!

Amy S.